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Basement Water Wall Flooding
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Description of problem: Old concrete basement walls were cracked and leaking. Basement would get several inches of water seeping up through the floor and through wall cracks. Water Seepage from the foundation was damaging everything




After B-Dry of Northeastern Pennsylvania: The basement is now the focal paint of the house, including a beautiful hardwood bar for entertainment.


Description of problem: Poured concrete foundation was finished off once before. Water leakage was ruining paneling and carpeting. Home owner had tried "Do-It-Yourself" waterproofing sealer with poor results. Water seepage made basement unusable.




After B-Dry NEPA: "I finished off the basement and put in an extra' bathroom. I should have had the B-Dry System of Northeastern Pennsylvania installed long ago. It works great!"



Description of problem: The Petrills refused to even consider purchasing this home until the owners first agreed to fix the leaky basement. Water stains were visible 6" to 8" high.



After B-Dry of Northeastern Pennsylvania: "Not one drop of water since installing the B-Dry System! We now have a new family room, laundry room and bathroom. B-Dry of Northeastern Pennsylvania took an ordinary house and turned it into a loving home."

-John & Sherri

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